Sailing in Style: The Rising Influence of Composites in the Marine Industry


Composites have been used more frequently in the marine industry over the years with carbon fibre becoming a great tool to re-enforce hulls and vessels exterior, without increasing the overall weight. Beyond strength, carbon fibre contributes to enhanced vessel performance and provides a non-penetrative barrier to the exterior.

Hypetex® has been branching out into this sector, with Peter Tyler becoming our Marine Business Advisor, helping in getting coloured carbon fibre solutions be adopted to more vessels. Peter comes from a wealth of experience, having involvement in the marine industry for over 30 years.


In his time across the marine sector, Peter has seen a big increase in the use of composites.

“Advanced composites such as structural foams, carbon and epoxy have set the standard in premium boats combining lightweight construction with exceptional strength and longer life.”

Carbon solutions, like Hypetex® paint-replacement technology, have elevated what clients can do with their vessels.

“Carbon in styles such as twill have added to the aesthetic and with the endless colour range that Hypetex can produce, aesthetics are raised to a new level whether in passerelles, davits, or steering wheels”

Peter continues,

“The use of Hypetex® materials in hulls and superstructures can not only enhance the whole aesthetic but can lead to further reduction of weight and cost of painting and maintenance.”


In the realm of high-performance yacht building, Jason Carrington aimed to create the lightest boat while maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. Hypetex® coloured carbon fibre allowed him to incorporate the Hugo Boss logo directly into the primary hull laminate, eliminating the need for additional paint and reducing both weight and the risk of paint damage during racing conditions.

Blue Gulf Cat took a bold step by introducing Hypetex® coloured spread tow carbon fibre to the hull of their high-speed 29ft catamaran. This move enhanced aesthetics without the worry of paint touch-ups as the hull wears over time.

River Hawk Boat Shop, specialising in racing kayaks and canoes, sought a unique look for their products. Hypetex® coloured carbon fibre provided the solution, allowing them to add vibrant colours without compromising racing pace. The introduction led to increased sales for the company.

Peter has seen some wonderful creations come from composites. “For me, one of the true benchmarks of the use of marine composites is the 67m Panamax rigged sailing ketch Hetairos, built in carbon by Baltic Yachts. At its creation, it was the largest yacht to be built in carbon composites, marrying traditional design with advanced construction materials and techniques.”

Hypetex® will be showcasing its range of solutions and products at the upcoming METSTRADE 35th anniversary, held across the 15 – 17 November in Amsterdam, co-hosting with Resintex Technology, a distributor of composites to the marine industry.

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