High-Speed 29ft Catamaran

Blue Gulf Cat approached us to take their high-speed 29ft catamaran boat a step further, by introducing Hypetex coloured spread tow carbon fibre to the hull of the vessel. Often, painted hulls or superstructures suffer print through or need re-fairing. This is avoided by Hypetex’s paint-replacement technology. The unmatched 3D visual effect of Hypetex coloured carbon fibre provides depth to the hull, while allowing light to reflect off colour from different angles, giving it beautiful aesthetics.

As Blue Gulf Cat continue to evolve, they are continuously searching for solutions to problems for building better boats that meet every need – from fuel economy, to increasing speed and performance. Hypetex helped Blue Gulf Cat to stand out in the boating industry, with the boat being showcased at the Abu Dhabi Boat Show in 2022, with the stylish and colourful  Hypetex additions to the hull, that retains the mechanical properties of traditional composite materials. 


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