IMOCA 60 Race Yacht by Jason Carrington

In the world of high-performance racing yachts, every ounce counts. Lighter boats translate into faster speeds and a competitive edge. This case study explores how Hypetex coloured carbon fibre was successfully used to create a visually stunning logo as part of a lightweight primary hull for an IMOCA 60 Race yacht for a prestigious client, Hugo Boss.

The primary objective for this project was to build the lightest possible boat while maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic appeal. To achieve this, the boat builder sought to incorporate the Hugo Boss logo directly into the primary hull laminate. This approach would eliminate the need for additional paint, reducing both weight and the risk of paint damage during racing conditions.


  1. Hypetex Coloured Carbon Fiber Selection: Carrington Boats opted for Hypetex coloured carbon fibre, specifically a Titanium RC200 plain weave, to incorporate the Hugo Boss logo into the yacht’s hull.
  2. Custom Prepreg Development: To ensure optimal performance and a perfect finish, they developed a custom prepreg by applying Gurit’s SE84LV resin film to one side of the Hypetex Titanium dry fibre.

The finished product received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the customer and spectators alike. The silver RC200 CF logo, set against the clear RC200 CF hull, created a stunning contrast that attracted significant attention. The sleek and visually striking appearance of the yacht became a talking point within the racing community.

The success of the project was measured by achieving the following goals:

  1. Weight Reduction: The primary objective of creating a lighter yacht was successfully met by integrating the Hugo Boss logo into the hull laminate. This innovative approach eliminated the need for additional paint, thus reducing weight.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: The visual impact of the silver RC200 Hypetex CF logo on the clear RC200 CF hull exceeded expectations, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the yacht.
  3. Positive Feedback: The yacht garnered positive feedback not only from the customer but also from the broader racing community, highlighting its exceptional quality and design.

In conclusion, Hypetex coloured carbon fibre was successfully leveraged to help create a lightweight, visually stunning IMOCA 60 Race yacht that met the client’s objectives and garnered widespread acclaim within the racing community. This project exemplifies how innovative materials and techniques can lead to success in the competitive world of high-performance yacht construction.


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