About us

Hypetex are the innovators of sustainable colouring technology for advanced materials. Born of Formula 1 racing, our patented paint-replacing technology is a key step in advancing the light-weight revolution. 

Key Benefits

Our Mission

Hypetex’s mission is to drive innovation in advanced coloured materials, creating more sustainable, lightweight, high-performance products through our paint replacement technology.

Harnessing our engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we aim to deliver the highest quality products and customer care.


At Hypetex, we believe that embracing advanced materials should not come at a cost to our environment.

By using eco-resins for colourisation, we eliminate the need for harmful paints. Additionally, our paint-replacing technology significantly reduces energy needs for paint application and shortens the time required for additional finishing processes, resulting in lower carbon emissions.

To continuously improve our environmental footprint, Hypetex has signed up for the ESG framework and is committed to working towards a circular economy.


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