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Designed for performance

Redefining light-weighting and the need for coatings

Our Solutions

Hypetex unique advanced materials colouring technologies enable straight from the mould coloured parts.

Removal of paint creates multiple performance enhancers:

­čîč Reduce product weight where lightweight products increase performance

­čîč Achieve a higher tolerance to stress at a given weight where durability is critical

­čîč Improve mass distribution to generate power in lightweight products

­čîč No offset for paint thickness pushes the material plys to the extremities of the mould to increase the modulus where stiffness is critical

­čîč Greater mechanical design freedom

Combining our sustainable advanced colouring technology and natural materials, such as flax, expands the opportunity to integrate a fully sustainable advanced material solution with technically improved fibres and stunning colourful options.

Our advanced colouring technology improves thermal conductivity and reduces heat absorption whilst maintaining the required technical and mechanical properties of the advanced material.

Land Rover
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Aston Martin

Unlimited Colours

HypetexÔÇÖs patented colourisation process brings out the texture of weave whilst maintaining the performance characteristics of the advanced materials.

Engineering Sustainability

We believe in a sustainable future and are invested in the advancement of biomaterials, sustainable chemistries and waste recycling, for a green ecosystem in the composites industry.

ÔÇť The composite has the colour built into it, so it doesnÔÇÖt need to be painted ÔÇŁ

The New York Times

ÔÇť Over seven years, Formula 1 engineers developed Hypetex, a vibrantly hued alternative. But it isnÔÇÖt just used for cars ÔÇŁ

The Globe and Mail

" Hypetex was chosen as a partner due to its specialist knowledge of carbon fibre innovations "

Real Business

" Hypetex Introduces Solution to Carbon FibreÔÇÖs Image Problem "

Composites Manufacturing Magazine

" For the anniversary edition, Globe-Trotter turned to Hypetex "


" Hypetex is the first company to make coloured carbon fibre "

The Verge

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