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Redefining light-weighting and the need for coatings

Our Solutions

Hypetex’s sustainable colouring technology for advanced engineered materials is a key next step in the advancement of the lightweight revolution, enhancing the weave texture of the fibres whilst retaining, and often improving its high-performance characteristics.

We offer a growing portfolio of colour and material combinations for carbon fibre, produced in collaboration with our leading fibre suppliers and weaving partners. 

The most recent addition to our advanced material portfolio is FlaxTex™, a coated natural fibre that colours and enhances the processing capabilities of flax.

In addition, our highly experienced special projects team is on-hand to assist and support your composite programmes, offering a suite of services including technical, design and manufacturing support.

Our technology is not limited to fibres or fabric construction. Should your program require something bespoke, just reach out to our team to discuss.

Hypetex Special Projects

We are passionate about providing solutions and advice on the best use of carbon fibre composites and experts in developing innovative concepts in design and processes for manufacturing.

It is our goal to maximise the potential of our clients’ projects through our significant expertise, technical knowledge and extensive global network along the entire value chain.

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