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Halo is the world’s first coloured carbon fibre chair. It is an exceptional piece that is available in a select range of colours and for a limited production run.


The thin structure is refined yet robust, marrying minimalist design with imposing form. The contoured shape interacts with light creating radiant colour.


Created by leading designer Michael Sodeau, the Halo chair utilises the high-performance properties of Hypetex, which is lightweight, strong and visually dynamic.




Refined, aerodynamic and versatile, Hypetex is set to become the product of choice for many industries.

From the automotive world to luxury goods, cycling to design, carbon fibre has applications at all levels due to its lightness and strength. Hypetex will expand the use of carbon fibre within and across sectors, as it is now available in exquisite colour options for the first time.


Unique, light and vividly bright, this material comes in a range of striking colours with optional finishes.

Hypetex offers a series of stunning new looks for carbon fibre parts and products bringing a new depth and vibrancy to this exceptionally advanced material. It does so whilst maintaining the essential high-performance properties inherent to carbon fibre and its usage.


Produced by applying high pressure and heat, Hypetex is an extremely resilient and well-honed product.

It is ideal for peak performance, high-impact uses as well as the more refined design forms. Bringing technology and design to new heights, Hypetex offers a bold new material that is set to be at the pinnacle of manufacturing in the same way that F1 is at the pinnacle of motor racing.






Hypetex has received coverage from publications around the world, ranging from national newspapers to international design magazines and websites.
Interest has come from countries as diverse as the United States, Australia, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom.



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