Hypetex Wins £100k Grant to Create Composites for Extreme Environments

Hypetex, the world’s first coloured carbon fibre brand, has been awarded an Innovate UK prize to fund research into the development of advanced composites for use in extreme environments. The prize, which includes an £117,000 grant to fund new research, is part of the UK government’s plan to support pioneering new businesses.

The light and strong attributes of carbon fibre means it has the potential to be used in many industries and on exposed structures but has been limited by its durability especially in external environments. The new research project will examine how to maintain the appearance and structure of the material in extreme situations, such as harsh outdoor locations and extreme weather scenarios.

The study will be conducted in partnership with the National Composites Centre, an organisation that works to accelerate the growth of the industry.

Marc Cohen, CEO of Hypetex, said of the award win: “We are delighted to accept the Innovate UK prize and we are looking forward to working with the National Composites Centre on this ground-breaking new project that we hope will expand the use of carbon fibre composites and the industry as a result.”

This is the second Innovate UK prize that Hypetex has been awarded. In September 2015, it was awarded a grant to fund research into the development of a white carbon fibre composite.


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