Hypetex Launches Carbon Fibre “Kuki” Chair with Zaha Hadid Design

Hypetex has launched a carbon fibre version of the Kuki chair, in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Design.

The original Kuki chair, produced in 2013, was made with one sheet of folded plastic. Hypetex engineers worked with Zaha Hadid Design to achieve this unique design using carbon fibre in a variety of colours.

DMB16_JRH0837_AMMANN 2_PS_LoRes crop

The result is a dynamic combination of advanced engineering and design. The carbon fibre sheet has been creased along two lines so the edges almost meet at the back, then bent in the middle to create the seat and backrest. The Kuki is a playful, sculptural volume generated from a single surface that follows simple curvatures and folds.

Marc Cohen, CEO of Hypetex, said: “We are delighted to work with Zaha Hadid Design on this project. The strength and lightness of the Hypetex material lends itself perfectly to Zaha Hadid’s imaginative designs and the Kuki is another stunning piece of design that reminds us of Zaha’s brilliance.”

Hypetex Zaha Hadid Kuki 4

Hypetex is a high-tech composite material that has been created by leading engineers from the world of Formula One racing. The Kuki chair is a limited-edition piece that will be available in a short production run.

The Kuki chair is on display at the Amman Gallery stand, Booth G14, Design Miami / Art Basel, 14-19 June


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