Hypetex Highlighted on Award-Winning Stand

Hypetex, the world’s first coloured carbon fibre brand, formed the centrepiece of the Porsche Pavilion, which was awarded ‘Best Booth’ at Dwell on Design, America’s largest design event.

Hypetex’s Halo chair was chosen to appear in the curated display at the show, which took place in Los Angeles on 29-31 May. An esteemed panel of jurors, made up of leading designers and journalists, adjudged the exhibit to be the best of the 400-plus stands at the show.

CEO of Hypetex, Marc Cohen, said: “I think this is a great example of the world’s reaction to Hypetex. Not only were we specially selected to be a prominent feature on this exhibit, we also played a major role in the judges’ decision to present the award to the stand. We are of course delighted to have been recognised in such a fashion at an event that attracts the world’s finest designers and products.”

The Halo Chair was designed by Michael Sodeau and produced entirely from Hypetex. It received global recognition when it was launched during the London Design Festival in September and has also won a prestigious Red Dot award for design.

The idea behind the Halo chair was to create an object that could best define and present Hypetex, a high-tech material created by leading engineers from the world of Formula One.

Michael Sodeau sought to utilise the high-performance properties of Hypetex, which is lightweight, strong and visually dynamic. The result is a highly refined yet pared-back design. Everything that makes up the chair is required and there are no extraneous elements.


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