Global Launch of Hypetex Chair

The world’s first-ever design product made with Hypetex coloured carbon fibre will make its global debut during London Design Festival this week.

Entitled Halo, it has been created by designer Michael Sodeau entirely from Hypetex and will be exhibited at central London’s leading design show, designjunction, on 18-21 September.

The idea behind the Halo chair was to design an object that could best define and present the Hypetex material. Michael Sodeau sought to utilise the high-performance properties of Hypetex, which is lightweight, strong and visually dynamic.

The result is a highly-refined yet pared-back design. Everything that makes up the chair is required and there are no extraneous elements.

Michael Sodeau said: “The chair follows the modernist rules of form and function with the removal of all unnecessary clutter, which is juxtaposed with the decorative aesthetic given by the material.

“The contoured shape interacts perfectly with light creating vibrant refractions on the surface of the material. When the chair is viewed from behind it hides what is in front, adding a playful quality that only reveals its full shape as you walk around it”.

Hypetex is a high-tech composite material that has been created by leading engineers from the world of Formula One racing, following seven years of research and development.

Marc Cohen, CEO of GPF One, manufacturer of Hypetex, said: “The technology to make Hypetex stems from the world of F1 and its potential application is huge. The aesthetic quality of Hypetex and the strength and lightness of the material makes it perfect for use in design.”

The Halo chair is a limited-edition piece that will be available in six colours, with only six produced in each colour. Enquiries:

Visit our stand at designjunction: F19, 1st Floor


Hypetex Halo Blue and Champagne 7


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