BAC MONO R – an all-British Supercar

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) embarked on a transformative journey to elevate the BAC Mono R by collaborating with Formaplex. The objective was to create the supercar’s body with a distinctive aesthetic and enhance performance without the traditional need for paint. The solution was to turn to coloured carbon fibre by Hypetex.

Hypetex coloured carbon fibre was used by Formaplex in crafting the body of the BAC Mono R. The central challenge addressed by Hypetex coloured carbon fibre was the reduction of overall panel weight. By swapping conventional paint coatings and utilising Hypetex carbon fibre, BAC achieved an exterior that is 121 grams per square metre lighter.

The finished product received positive feedback from BAC’s customer, a renowned collector, and acclaim from those involved, as well as extensive press coverage. “The unique combination of Hypetex’s coloured carbon fibre and a crystallized gloss lacquer finish was stunning and not only met but exceeded all expectations,” said Matt Sellens from Formaplex.

From Formaplex’s perspective, the success of the project was measured against estimated process times and the desired level of finish. Meeting production timelines and maintaining the expected quality were key indicators of success. Formaplex employed various metrics, including first-time-through, cycle time actual versus estimated, and best process timings and costs versus painting, to gauge the success of the project. These metrics provided an overview of the efficiency and quality of the manufacturing process.

The finished product resulted in a groundbreaking achievement—the first-ever coloured carbon fibre supercar. The removal of traditional paint coatings not only reduced weight but also showcased an innovative success in materials technology and design. This is a fantastic example of cutting-edge engineering and design coming together in an all-British supercar.

In conclusion, Formaplex’s use of Hypetex coloured carbon fibre in crafting the BAC Mono R body panels not only addressed specific challenges but also set a new standard for performance and aesthetics in the automotive industry. The success metrics, reduced net weight, and positive customer feedback validate the decision to embrace innovative materials and production techniques, positioning BAC in pole position as pioneers in this field.


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