At Hypetex, we believe that innovation thrives through collaboration, and our mission is to connect with visionary individuals and organisations who share our passion for pushing the boundaries of technology. This page is a showcase of the incredible talent and expertise we are fortunate to collaborate with on our journey to revolutionise the world of material science, design and beyond.

Castro Composites

Castro Composites offer the highest quality products and a tailor made technical advice to the composites business.  Based in North of Spain, Castro Composites are one of the European distributors of Hypetex coloured advanced materials.  They also specialise in thermosetting resins, gel coats and top coats, reinforcement fibres, adhesives, cores for sandwich construction, vacuum materials and all kinds of ancillary materials used for composites processing.


Oxeon are the supplier of TeXtreme® spread tow – thin-ply reinforcements that are a uniquely adaptable, safe and ultra light supportive solution for your carbon fiber composites. By using TeXtreme® advanced carbon reinforcements you will attain an ultra light solution that lasts. 

Composites Evolution

Composites Evolution, a UK-based prepreg manufacturer,  focuses on innovation, sustainability, customer service, and responsiveness. Their in-house-developed resin and prepreg systems offer improved processability and performance. They lead in sustainability with bio-derived materials. They prioritise lasting customer relationships and offer rapid responses and short lead times due to their size and agility. 


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