Our focus is on providing aesthetically desirable and unique material solutions for products.

We work closely with design and manufacturing teams at each stage of development to provide support and solutions that maximise value.

Material solutions:

  • Coloured Carbon fabrics – Hypetex’s patented unique colourisation process brings out texture of weave whilst maintaining performance characteristics.
  • Variety of reinforcement fibres, like glass, carbon and aramid with bespoke weave solutions
  • Traditional fabric constructions such as plain weave, twill and satin patterns. Bespoke solutions are also available with company logos or branding
  • Different fibre modulus and tow thickness. (1k through to 12k)
  • Pre stacked materials for easier processing. Minimum thickness 0.55mm
  • Stabilisation processes for carbon fibre products; binder application offers more stability and improved characteristics for subsequent processing
  • Spread tow fabrics: reducing tow thickness and improving filament regularity, combined with fewer interlacing points offering better transition of material properties.
  • Our material comes in blue carbon fibre, red carbon fibre, silver carbon fibre, gold carbon fibre, and several other popular colours aimed at providing the greatest amount of creative freedom to our clients’ solutions.

Resin solutions:

  • Thermoset systems including polyester, vinylester and epoxy, depending on the product requirements and processing needs.
  • Thermoplastic systems including TPU and PA6, PA6.6. These systems just need to be heated above the melt temperature and subsequently moulded into parts within short cycle times

Hypetex prides itself on meeting the targets required by its clients and is continually reinvesting in new innovative solutions to ensure it remains the leader in visual composites for years to come.


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